Communications – Online & Offline

Let's first understand online and offline contact points for customers which is more commonly known as touch points for how a business interacts with its customer or potential customer base.

Online Communications is where a customer comes in contact with the business through the internet. It can come in various forms such as assorted forms, website banner, chat message, search engine results page (SERPs), advertising, email newsletters and streaming video commercials.

Offline Communications is any other encounter by a customer with your product or service while not being on a computer or mobile device. For example at your brand outlet or interaction with your brand at an event or expo. These contact points can be in various ways such as print advertising's, print magazine features, word of mouth, television and radio advertising.

Super Big Vyapaar pays attention to how & where your customer is interacting with your business, and provide you with accurate data that affects the business. We integrate your online and offline communications activities, thus allowing you to attract a longer/wider customer base, giving them a robust experience of your business.

These services can be provided independently or in conjunction with our DIGITAL OPTIMIZATION SERVICES.

Super Big Vyapaar provides digital marketing services on an ad-hoc basis. Our practice is full of experts who will help you with your content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Video Marketing, Website Development and Graphic Designing. We align our team to glean meaningful insights that help you achieve your business goals.

We don't just measure and observe, we give you feedback on actionable intel and recommend solutions. We do regular checks of not just your website performance, but our team also monitors and sets benchmarks for the competitive landscape to make sure you're ahead of your competition.

Out Service include the following :

Create Brand Awareness that is Digitally Optimized
The Look & Feel of the Website, Engagement Score
Perform Regular Search & Content Audits
Create a Content Strategy & Marketing Plan
Deliver UX & Design Trends with the latest trend
Design Attractive Brand Logos, Visiting & Invitation Cards
Google Analytics, SEO, Adverts, PPC, Conversion Rate Optimization
Email & SMS Marketing, Newsletters, Magazine, Brochures
Promote your Business through Social Media Marketing